The CL160 provides on-the-door code change and simple retrofit opportunities.

The CL160 is the latest edition to the CL100 product group, bringing many additional features to the range. The mechanical lock provides simple on-the-door code change, adding significant benefits to the management of the lock where regular code changes are required. The CL160 can also be retrofitted to the existing CL155 lock prep as well as other similar products, so simple upgrades are possible. Staying in control has never been easier. CL160 can be used to restrict access in residential properties and many commercial buildings.



  • Easy fit
  • Simple convenient control
  • EasyCode Function requires lock removal for code change
  • QuickCode Function allows on door code change
  • 4-6 digit code length
  • Over 1000 total code combinations
  • Suitable for low traffic applications
  • Limited lifetime warranty
  • 60mm backset latch
  • Hold open function allowing code free access
  • Vertical orientation
  • Flat spring loaded spindle
  • Suitable for wooden doors between 35 – 60mm thick
  • Silver Grey finish
  • Non-handed, locks will suit Right or Left hand hung doors
  • Light duty latch bolt with ‘anti shim’ plunger
  • Alternative 50mm and 70mm backset latches available

Mortice Latch
As standard supplied with ‘hold open’ function allowing free entry when required without operating the code. Function can be disabled on installation requiring code to be entered every time to open the door.

Latch Options
Light duty with stainless steel latch bolt head, with “anti-shim” plunger, 60mm (2 ⅜”) back set requires 25mm (1”) hole, 82mm (3 ¼”) deep.

Also Available: 
50mm (2”) back set latch requires 25mm (1”) x 72mm (2 ⅞”) hole.
70mm (2 ¾”) back set latch requires 25mm (1”) x 92mm (3 58") hole.

Code Change Method
Locks come complete with a random code selected. The lock can be placed in EasyCode Function or QuickCode Function.

The EasyCode Function requires the lock to be removed form the door to change the code. This ensures a level of management control over who can change the code.

The QuickCode Function is an optional function that allows the code to be changed while the lock is fitted to the door. This is a convenient option in which code holders can quickly change codes and heighten door access. The CL160 code chamber consists of 10 buttons from which the code is selected. The ‘C’ button which is used to re-set the chamber after an incorrect entry, and which must always be used as the first digit of a code. The ‘A’ button is used to change the code. 

A code, or combination, can be entered in any order or sequence; e.g. 1234 can be 4321 or 1342 or whatever sequence is most convenient to remember. With 10 buttons, over 1000 different codes are available, any of which can be entered in any sequence. Buttons may only be used ONCE in a code. For example, 1212 is not possible

Functions One Available
Spindle Type Flat spring loaded spindle
Material Zinc Alloy
Door Thickness 35mm - 60mm (1⅜” - 2⅜”)
Buttons 12 stainless steel buttons
Non Handed Locks will fit doors hung on the left or right
Fitting Options Vertical
Finish SG (silver grey)
Codes Over 1000 non sequential codes available
Code Storage Single Code
Suitable For Low traffic applications - internal use

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